Hello and welcome! Riri Willow is now live and ready to fill your pattern needs. No longer is RiriWillow.com just my portfolio site. I decided to combine it with my pattern website OwlPattern (aka Oh, We Love Pattern).

So what is it about patterns that make me so excited? It’s the foreverness of them. Seamless repeat patterns can continue on and on and never get tired. Patterns are used for so many things… from cards and books, to clothes and wallpapers. You do not need to be a designer to use patterns! Do you scrapbook? Well then yes, you need patterns! Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be dressed up simply by adding a lovely pattern. Try adding them to your computer as a wallpaper!

Like so…


Just a couple tips:

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For you:

Just for visiting my site and getting to my blog I am adding a freebie that can only be found on this blog post. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned to see what other new patterns and freebies are added weekly. To get even more join my mailing list for weekly updates!

Honey Bunny Bee Freebie:

honey-bunny-pattern-01Right click and save!

Please feel free to use this seamless repeat pattern for online personal use. This pattern is not for resale. If you are looking for commercial exclusive patterns please click here.

Peace, Love and Color