Me PicHello and welcome to my site!

My name is Sherri’ Mealy, RiRi for short and Willow for fun. I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Michigan currently residing in the Lowcountry (South Carolina). I began my professional career designing colorful, floral handbags and accessories for a local fashion company and now I am a full-time Communications Manager for a Non-Profit Animal Rescue, part-time freelancer and all-time creative person.

Ok, I will say it… I love to create! It’s no big secret! I pursued my love for art and design at Western Michigan University’s School of Art, where I studied Graphic Design, Photography and Creative Writing.

Feel free to email me with questions, comments, hellos or anything you feel ever so inclined to say and I will get back to you!

Thanks for visiting my site and check out my blog for updates!


Need Design or Illustration for your next project or event?


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Pattern Design, Invitation and Illustration

Logo Design, Business Card, Brochure

Packaging and Product Design

Web Headers and Buttons

and more!



The goal of my available patterns is to create a high quality resource center for designers and novices of all backgrounds to find beautiful essential surface patterns to help them with their everyday projects.


When you purchase from this site you will need to first become a member, which is absolutely free. Simply add the items you want to your cart and hit checkout. As a member you can add favorites to your account to purchase later and see your history.


All of our patterns come with a basic license that allows you basic royalty-free rights. With a one-time payment you can use the image as much as you would like for projects such as advertising, promotional projects, web sites, videos, catalogs, invitations and presentations. The use of the purchased element is limited to one person. A maximum of 500,000 printed hard-copies. This license is not allowed for resale.

Exclusive Patterns and Custom Exclusive Patterns are available for those looking to make products for resale or if you would like a pattern that is exclusively yours – meaning no one else will have it. Each of the patterns included in these categories belong to the buyer after purchase and will not be sold to any other customers. With these patterns you can do whatever you would like with them because you now own the exclusive right to it. There are two types of Exclusive Patterns. Non-custom exclusive patterns are ready made, meaning you just click on Exclusive Pattern, sift through the products available and purchase. The second type is Custom Exclusive Patterns which are tailored specifically to you or your client based on your specifications. To learn more about Custom Exclusive Patterns click here! These Exclusive Pattern services are a great option for those that do not have time or means to travel to print shows, need patterns fast, and/or need a custom pattern.

Some examples of items to be made with Exclusive Patterns: fabric, handbags, accessories, book inserts, apparel, website templates for resell, paper products, etc.

Patterns and other items on this website are not allowed to be resold on similar sites or duplicated into royalty free books, unless an Exclusive Pattern or Custom Exclusive Pattern has been purchased.

If more licensing options are needed for your particular project please feel free to contact us!