How it works! Custom Exclusive Patterns in 4 Steps

People-Icons_OWL-013-290x182Contact me with details about your project. I will need to know every/all details of what you want from this pattern. Amount of detail, style of pattern, images or other examples of similar work. After receiving all the details I will send you an email back letting you know if I can meet your requirements. The more specific the details the better!

Fill out the contact form on the right side of the page. Fill in the subject with “Custom Pattern”. All communication will be done via email.

People-Icons_OWL-021-e1397698699190After receiving your approval email stating that I would like to take on your project you will then purchase your Custom Exclusive Pattern for $150 dollars which will start the sketching process. Another $150 dollars will be paid when pattern is complete for a total of $300. Please allow 1 week (7 business days) for your first digital file to be created. Depending on the pattern you may receive up to 3 proposals for your design. These files will be presented to you in JPG or PDF.

Pay for your Custom Pattern at the bottom of the page. Once payment is received I will begin!

People-Icons_OWL-031-e1397698729978After receiving your first draft of the pattern you will get 2 more revisions. It is important that any issues are brought up right away on the first draft so that the second is very close to what you want. The 3rd set of revisions will need to be very minimal changes to the pattern.

People-Icons_OWL-051-290x182You will receive your digital files of the pattern in Adobe Illustrator, Png, Jpeg, Photoshop and EPS. This means you will receive the vector illustration making it possible to manipulate the pattern after receiving it by changing colors and elements when opened in a program like Adobe Illustrator. The file is legally yours and you can do with it what you will without any recognition to me!

If you would like to share with me what your custom pattern turns into feel free to send me pictures! I’d love to see them!

If your pattern needs more than the three rounds of revisions contained in your purchase I will send you an additional estimated quote. This estimate will show the amount of time needed to complete your requests at $1 a minute that you can confirm or deny. This invoice will need to be paid before work is continued.

Once your Custom Exclusive Pattern project starts there are no refunds. Please review my previous work before committing to this process. I will only accept projects that I know are possible within my artistic range. Thank you and looking forward to working with you soon!


It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that any logos or mascots are their own right/property or that they have the ability to manipulate and commission such artwork to represent said company.

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Only EXCLUSIVE patterns (custom and non-custom exclusive) are available for resale and retail.

Need a Custom Pattern? Fill out the below form with Subject: Custom Pattern. Send all details in the message area and be sure to upload pictures of sketches, and example images for review.